S2 Signature is driven by its 5 core values of 'Safe', 'Sharing', 'Inspiration', 'Result', and 'Value'. S2 Signature believes that the mind and body would benefit from safe, reliable treatments and a positive, friendly environment.



Our latest campaign 'Inner Beauty, Outer Shine' aims to unveil the wonders of true, timeless beauty.




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Inner Beauty Outer Shine

Our Concept

Since its establishment in 2003, S2 has been leading the local beauty industry with its unique hand skills and star products such as the Manual Fat Drainage, Navel Care Therapy and Drainage Massage. From its first branch in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, S2 has grown over the last decade to include branches in Puchong, Subang Parade, and Kota Damansara. In 2014, S2 changed its name from ‘S2 Slimming’ to ‘S2 Signature’. This step forward as S2 Signature marks S2’s strong commitment in promoting a healthy balance between the mind, body and soul. S2 Signature is more than a beauty and slimming centre.

S2 Signature stands for a healthy lifestyle and well-being; a place for everyone to relax, revitalise and find their inner peace. S2 Signature is driven by its 5 core values of ‘Safe’, ‘Sharing’, ‘Inspiration’, ‘Result’, and ‘Value’. S2 Signature believes that the mind and body would benefit from safe, reliable treatments and a positive, friendly environment. The sharing of knowledge and experiences in a positive environment would enhance self-development and foster meaningful relationships, while the power of inspiration would stimulate anyone to make a difference in their lives and in the lives of others. S2 believes in effective, long-lasting results that boost confidence, good health, and overall wellbeing. Fundamentally, S2 believes in the value of enriching the lives of customers while actively contributing to the communities they live in. In line with this commitment, S2 Signature is proud to launch its cafe and its ‘Inner Beauty, Outer Shine’ campaign in 2014.

S2 Signature’s cafe will not only serve nutritious meals and drinks for the health conscious, but offer a place for the socially inclined to engage in conversation. On the other hand, S2 Signature’s ‘Inner Beauty, Outer Shine’ campaign will feature a selection of workshops that seek to encourage learning and the sharing of knowledge and values within a positive network of peers. By inspiring confidence, awareness and appreciation, S2 Signature believes that timeless, everlasting beauty will radiate from within. S2 Signature looks forward to partner with the fashion, fitness, food and nutrition industries to provide the best of a healthy lifestyle and well-being to its customers.

Founder’s Message

Dear friends,

S2 stands for ‘Share Together, Slim Together’. More importantly, S2 stands for love.

The story behind S2 Signature is the journey I had with my daughter. She was in primary school when she suddenly gained a lot of weight. When she was thirteen years old, she weighed a hefty 80kg. She could not fit into any clothes for her age. She was quiet, and withdrew from social interactions. As her mother, I was worried about her health and her wellbeing. I wanted her to enjoy what life has to offer and for both of us to have a strong relationship.

So we began to change our lifestyle together. We changed our eating habits and started exercising. I also wanted a safe treatment for my daughter to successfully lose weight. And I found it in natural hand massage techniques that improve the body’s metabolism and internal detox. These techniques later formed our popular Manual Fat Drainage treatment. Within eight months, she lost a total of 30kg. She became more confident and lively. I am proud that my daughter has now grown up to be a healthy and happy young woman.

My journey with my daughter taught me that true beauty is found not just in physical appearances, but in the love and appreciation we have for ourselves and the people around us. We can be our better selves when we open our heart to learn and share what we have with others. When we put our heart into making a positive change in our lives, we are also making a positive difference in our family and community. This is why we chose to name ourselves S2 for the letter ‘S’ and the number ‘2’ form a heart when they are combined together.

Our latest campaign ‘Inner Beauty, Outer Shine’ aims to unveil the wonders of true, timeless beauty. We look forward to collaborating with beauty, fashion, nutrition, fitness and other wellness experts for our customers to enjoy and experience the best. Join us in this exciting adventure today!

Sincerely, Stella Lim Founder


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S2 helped me maintain my beautiful assets while losing weight at my concerned areas. Television personality, Yvonne Saw
I lost 30 kgs in just 8 months! Today, it has been 10 years since I went through the slimming program with S2 & I am still able to maintain my weight. Satisfied customer, Lana.
I trust S2 Slimming due to their emphasis on natural methods and long sustaining results. I lost 5kgs in just 3 months! Malaysia Fashion Designer, Beatrice Looi
S2's therapists are really good. They will constantly explain to me the purpose and effect of the treatments thus I feel less scared and really enjoyed the treatment. - Renowned Host & Emcee, Emily Poon
Their treatments have lower rebound rate and no extra exercises are needed after the treatments!
Miss Malaysia Queen 1997, Karmen Khor
S2 helped me maintain and achieve my S-Shape easily!   International model, Carla Soong
I lost 14.5kg in 30days with the  Super Mom Post-natal therapy! Super Model Amber Chia    
I get to wear back my beautiful clothes in a short time. Miss Chinese International 1994, Anita Phang 
I love S2's Manual Fat Drainage massage because it detoxifies & keeps me in shape. Miss Malaysia Tourism 2007, Joanne Chan.
I get fat easily but S2 helped me increase my metabolism thus I don't get fat easily now!  Miss Astro Chinese International 2007, Joanne Yew
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