Q1: Do I have to make reservations at S2?

A1: Yes you will have to make reservations, minimum 3 days prior on a weekday appointment and 7 days prior for a weekend appointments to avoid disappointments during your visits. This will allow our staff ample time to prepare themselves before your arrival.

Q2: How can I make an appointment with S2 ?

A2: You may refer to our outlet list on the left column and call the number listed for your preferred outlet. We require customers to reserve minimum 3 days prior on a weekday appointment and 7 days prior for a weekend appointments.

Q3: What should I prepare / expect during my first appointment with S2?

A3: Our consultants will help you do a full body analysis to understand your body condition upon arrival. You will be guided throughout the whole experience and it will take approximately 1.5 hours* All you have to do is relax and enjoy the treatment after that.

Q4: Can I choose specific parts of my body to lose weight from?

A4: Yes, our treatment programs can be applied to target specific areas you are most concern of. During consultation do not be shy to let our consultants know what you want so we can better serve you.

Q5: I heard that the manual hand therapies in S2 can be painful. Is this true?

A5: For our new customers the manual hand therapy treatment may be slightly painful, depending on your body condition, due to stubborn fats and build up toxins in your body. It will be less painful as your body’s circulation improves. Many of our customers enjoy this therapy and it is one of our signature therapy with lasting results.

Q6: Do I have to bring extra clothes to change after the treatment?

A6: You may bring extra clothes to change if you have other plans after your treatments. Shower rooms with towels & body wash is provided. Don’t worry you may place your belongings in the lockers provided for you.

Q7: Will the S2 program help me lose weight fast?

A7: The duration of weight loss differs from people to people thus we cannot give you an approximate number. Besides that it depends on your targeted weight loss and the frequency of your appointment with S2. However, in S2 we believe in gradual healthy weight loss to decrease the risk of weight rebound.

Q8: What is the price range for the packages in your centre?

A8: The price for the packages varies depending on which package and duration you are interested in. Do visit our branches for further consultation and a more accurate price once we have your full body assessment.

Q9: How does the therapies in S2 work?

A9: We specialize in slimming treatments that focus on traditional massage techniques to help clear toxics off your body. The idea is to keep your body less congested with toxics through the lymphatic system to improve your metabolism so you will be able to lose weight better. At the same time our consultants will help you through your diet to shorten the process of losing weight.

Q10: I would like to provide feedback, what should I do?

A10: You may refer to the person in charge of the particular outlet for your concerns. They will assist you throughout the whole process. You may also send us your feedback via email at enquiry@s2slimming.com.my.

*Subject to change depending on type of treatment

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